Programs and Services

Programs & Services

Education, Employment, And Family Support

The Dismas Difference

At our re-entry centers across the nation, Dismas provides a range of tailored services that address specific community needs and meets or exceeds stringent government regulations associated with residential re-entry centers.

Our history has taught us, that to be effective in the process of reintegration, we need to focus on three critical areas that have proven to deliver the best results: Education, Employment, and Family Support. Each program employs evidence-based practices and the use of validated risk/needs/strengths assessments to reduce recidivism.


Dismas Charities

A common challenge for our clients, their families and their communities is a lack of education. Through a variety of programs, Dismas focuses on and encourages a lifelong learning environment to address these obstacles.

Among the programming and educational opportunities available are Religious Studies; Anger Management; Women’s Programs; Alcoholics-Narcotics- and Cocaine-Anonymous; Parenting and Marriage Enhancement; Employment and Job Skills; GED, Trade, and College courses; Money Management; Healthy Lifestyles; and active involvement in the community.


A critical component of all our work is a focus on helping our clients obtain meaningful employment. Through employment, our clients repay their debts to society and become responsible, independent citizens, taxpayers, parents, and contributors to the community. Thousands of agencies and employers across the country work with Dismas to provide employment opportunities for our clients. Dismas team members work with clients to deliver job-specific training and support to help make a successful transition to long-term employment.

Family Support

At Dismas, community re-entry programs are about much more than the clients themselves. They are about reducing crime and victimization by Healing the Human Spirit and providing the support that goes beyond the classroom and employment. For that reason, many of our programs and services — from clothing, to family counseling and support, to medical assistance — are designed to help our clients satisfy important “intangible” needs that make their return to society more predictable and more effective.

We are proud of the relationships we have developed with thousands of agencies where our clients work and volunteer, and the hundreds of programs we offer that reunite parents and children and restore families and communities.

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Programs and Services