Values and Beliefs

The Non-negotiable
Values And Beliefs
Of Dismas Charities

Our Values and Beliefs underscore the dream of our founder, Father William Diersen, who believed every person deserved a second chance — that no one should be discriminated against based on their condition in life.
“Redemption’s Light,” the theme song of Dismas Charities,
co-written by Wayne Carroll and Simeon Amburgey, and
performed by Odeen Mays and the Messengers.

Dismas’ Values and Beliefs build on
Father Diersen’s eloquent philosophy:

  • Integrity: Maintain the highest level of ethical conduct, accountability and trust.
  • Respect: Demonstrate respect at all times for self, clients, staff, community, and all business relationships.
  • Dignity: Insure the dignity of all individuals and treat all with respect and compassion.
  • Accountability: All individuals are accountable for their actions and all have the capacity to change.
  • Healing: The inclusion of the community is vital to the healing process.
  • Diversity: Respect the diversity of all because judging others limits our ability to heal the human spirit.
  • Stewardship: As responsible stewards, ensure that programs are self-supporting.

Values and Beliefs