Restoring Lives, Restoring Families, Restoring Communities

Healing The Human Spirit For More Than 50 Years

Dismas Charities provides men and women releasing from state and federal incarceration the skills and support to re-enter society as contributing members. The work of Dismas is to end the cycle of victimization and heal the human spirit.

Christmas at Dismas!

Dismas Charities is a not-for-profit company serving communities nationwide.
In New Mexico and Tennessee, it is known as Diersen Charities.

Our Founder

A Catholic priest of The Archdiocese of Louisville, Father William Diersen founded Dismas Charities in 1964 with the help of volunteers from The Knights of Columbus. Father Diersen was a man of courage, determination and Christian virtue who served the world by living the Beatitudes.

Because he saw a need to help those leaving incarceration, he started
Dismas House named for the Repentant Thief crucified with Jesus. At first it served only fifteen men, but because of his inspiration and vision Dismas House grew into Dismas Charities with centers of service throughout the country. Father Diersen’s spirit continues to guide Dismas helping all involved commit themselves to healing the human spirit.

Fifty Years Of Healing The Human Spirit
This video commemorates 5 decades of Dismas Charities.